September 28, 2022


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KobbyG Dw33t33 ft SpOOky ThE ManiaC x Delis

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The new year is here and artiste are gearing up to give their fans and followers a year to remember. From Hiplife, Afrobeats and Dancehall, music lovers wait in earnest for new music from mainstream stars and promising upcoming acts.


“Dw33t33”; a high octane Drill anthem by new comers Kobby G and Spooky the Maniac featuring Ghana based Nigerian rapper Delis. The song was produced by Jay Erl with backing support from Gibi Chris. As implied by the chorus the song touches on the struggles of upcoming acts in the industry and its a push back to people in the industry who like to exploit young talents without monetary compensation.


As we all know drill/asakaa songs have been a vibrant sub genre over the last three years, with countless hits shaking clubs and concerts.

According to Kobby G and Spooky this marks the rebirth of HipLife and as such the industry must support new talents so as to carve a music image for Ghana. Dw33t3 promises to be a banger for 2022 and sets the tone for the highly anticipated “The West Coast Of Africa EP” which is a joint EP by the duo. Stream “Dw33t3” and follow Kobby G and Spooky the Maniac on their music journey.






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KobbyG Dw33t33 ft SpOOky ThE ManiaC x Delis

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