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Kofi Bright – Juujuu Love – Hit song Produced By JMJ

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ofi Bright openly acknowledges being enchanted by the allure of “Juujuu Love”.

Stepping into the Afrobeats scene in 2023 with his debut track “On You”, Kofi Bright now returns with another enchanting piece titled “Juujuu Love”.

Crafted by the talented hands of JMJ (now JR Music), “Juujuu Love” proves to be a fitting addition to the Valentine’s Day playlist.

About the Track — ‘Juujuu Love’:

It delves into the story of a fervent romantic, expressing a steadfast commitment to loving a girl unconditionally despite any challenges. Kofi Bright shares, “…And still want to be there for her, even when you feel like you’re under a love spell but you still don’t wanna leave her.”

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